'Sultan of acquittals': Twitteratti trolls judiciary and Salman Khan on yet another acquittal

It's doubtful if anyone is at all taken aback at this very predictable verdict though.

This morning began with Salman Khan getting an acquittal in yet another case. Remember how he was accused of shooting down two blackbucks back in 1998 with allegedly illegal weapons? Turns out it was all a figment of someone’s imagination. Didn’t you notice the allegedly and accused in there? The courts did.

Twitteratti largely disagrees though and when Twitteratti disagrees, they erupt it anger and employ all the sarcasm they are capable of. From the minute the verdict was out, Salman Khan and the judiciary have been trolled and people have repeatedly asked why this joke of a trial was even carried out. Be it now or in previous cases, Bollywood’s beloved innocent bachelor has made it out of killing people and animals alike, so probably the Twitter trolls are really not without cause.

Seriously, how delusionally optimistic would you be to expect Sallu bhai would get convicted?