Stuck in a traffic jam for an hour? Yoga girl from Florida has an amazing solution

Kristin Bjornsen, a resident of Florida, didn't let the bad traffic jam ruin her mood and decided to do yoga right in between of highway

Kristin Bjornsen, a resident of Florida, channelled all her energy away from the bad traffic jam and performs yoga right in the middle of a highway. Stranded for hours in the heavy traffic jam due to a morning crash, Kristin got out of the car and decided to go down to the dogs, apparently downward dogs. A collision resulted in the massive traffic jam down the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 which left Kristin with hardly any choice. But Kristin didn’t let the jam ruin her day so she rolled that mat and did yoga. Kristin took to Twitter to share her joy and captioned, “clearing the traffic in my mind”. In the picture, Kristin is happily seen balancing her zen through yoga and doing a cobra pose on her red yoga mat amidst all the traffic.

Reportedly, an armoured truck had collided resulting in a huge crash leaving everybody stranded for 2 hours on the Miami highway. Kristin’s post has left everybody in splits with people applauding her refreshing way to de-stress.


Kristin is the art director at Miami Times and wrote a piece for the blog recollecting her first experience of doing yoga in the middle of the highway. In the blog, she writes, ” It was 9:45 a.m. and I was northbound on the massive Golden Glades express lanes overpass. Traffic slowed to a crawl. Then it stopped. Forever.” and “Then I found my yoga mat. I knew this was the only opportunity I would ever have to strike a yoga pose on a highway that any other time would kill me.”