Storing plastic bags to asking for extra dhaniya, this video speaks to our soul - Watch

There are middle-class things we all do and there is no shame in fighting for extra coriander since you bought all that sabzi

Is your remote control still in protective layers of plastic? Do you have a plastic bag in your house which is full of other plastic bags? And do you squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube till its dying deformed figure shames you into destroying evidence that you are stingy? Admit it, you are the person that fights for that extra strand of coriander and who nags the vegetable-seller to throw in extra chillies with the package. So have you ever wondered: What is awfully middle-class about you? Go on, look inside that deep black heart of yours. What is that one middle-class habit of yours that you just can’t seem to get over? You can surely name a few.

And gone are the days when middle-class used to be anointed as a curse. Today, the middle-class is a fad, a trend, an uber cool way to call yourself as the ‘Urban Poor’. And the traits are no longer disguised behind the poise of pseudo elitism. The middle-class men and women, boys and girls are actually proud enough to admit it to themselves that they have these characteristics.

This video by FilterCopy features Dhruv Sehgal, Sheeba Chaddha and nails the most annoying and sometimes even adorable habits of every middle-class person ever.

  1. That precious plastic bag that you must not even think of throwing away, because patani kab kaam aajaye

2. That expensive set of crockery that is reserved for special guests and must not be seen parading in daily use

3. That fight for the extra strand of coriander can make or break your entire shopping spree

4. When the cold-drink is over but the use of the bottle isn’t

5. That pretty looking box of candy or biscuits cannot go in the dustbin, it must be repurposed

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What are the other middle-class things we all do? Let us know in the comments below!