Step aside Sonam Gupta, Girdhar is here. Do you know #GirdharKaunHai?

HP India tweets a photo with hashtag #GirdharKaunHai and Twitterati have a field day!

“Will the real Girdhar please stand up?” – Mother Teresa

After Sonam Gupta of the “bewafa” fame, Girdhar is taking the world by a storm with his nerdy looks. It all started when HPIndia’s official Twitter handle tweeted the photo of a nerdy guy with the hashtag #GirdharKaunHai, probably to start a promotional campaign. But the Twitterati were all set to troll HP India (and Girdhar) and the hashtag GirdharKaunHai became top trend on Twitter in no time. Twitter trolls showed no mercy as they trolled his “orgasmic expressions”. Here are the funniest #GirdharKaunHai tweets that will leave you in splits!




Here’s how Twitter ripped him to shreds:

  1. Well he does look very, very shocked.


2. *Apply cold water to the burnt area*


3. People couldn’t stop with their political rants.


4. It all makes sense now.


5. HPIndia got it’s fair share of flak.


6. Burnnnnn!

7. After effects of demonetization?

8. That explains EVERYTHING!

Then HPIndia tweeted this:

And trolls were in no mood to stop.


9. Girdhar is #ForeverAlone