Statue of Liberty joins protest against Trump's immigration policy with 'Refugees Welcome'

Activists hung a banner that welcomed refugees right at the feet of the Statue of Liberty and Twitter loved them for it.

Ever since Trump’s taken up presidency, he has been in news more for his refugee police than anything else. Even the ones who know no head or tail of politics would have heard about how Trump plans to build a wall to keep refugees out, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Activists and citizens alike broke out in protests against Trump’s immigration policy and the latest to join them is the Statue of Liberty. The new President has announced his new immigration policy making it a cakewalk for police and authorities to deport ‘illegal immigrants’. Activists unfurled a huge banner which read ‘Refugees Welcome’ and hung it right at the feet of Lady Liberty. Obviously nobody missed it apart from Trump who went ahead with his policy anyway. Twitter seemed elated at the outright rebellion and the page ‘Alt Lady Liberty’ proudly flaunted their stand.

After Trump’s executive orders were quashed by the court, he found a way around it and announced altogether new immigration policies which means a major crackdown on Muslims in America and also Indian-Americans. The activist group came said this was their way of telling people about the America they believe in.

Seems like Trump has already built a wall between him and quite a huge share of American citizens!