Sonu Nigam to Mini Mathur: 7 celebrities who were amazing reality show hosts

These Television show anchors were everything that made me believe in their parallel reality universe

Television reality shows aren’t new in India. They have set the crowd abuzz since the 90s, created a platform where the audience can participate and helped to pave a way to more interactive television content. Whether it was the various versions of Antakshari or Indian Idol or Fame Gurukul or Sa Re Ga Ma Pa or Dance India Dance, through the years we have stuck glued to our television sets, rooting for our favorite contestants, supporting them, calling out names when they made a silly mistake and we have lived every moment of the reality television with them. But what actually made us stick to those screens? It wasn’t the glamorous judges or the faces of the contestants that we would forget once the season got over? No, it was the anchors, the charming hosts, the presenters who held the show together, especially when it seemed on the brink of falling apart.

Anchoring was a lucrative profession back then and it wasn’t just kids in films (like say Anjali in Kuch Kuch hota Hai) aspired to become a VJ or a TV show host. Whether it was the verbose Anu Kapoor or the sweet youngster Sonu Nigam, whether it was Mini Mathur’s ever-charming smile or Mandira Bedi’s stern composure, we loved them all and what we wouldn’t pay to watch them on the small screen again.

Here are 7 of my favorite TV show anchors that literally ruled the stage:

    1. Sachin Pilgaonkar: The amicable host of the TV show Chalti ka naam Antakshri, he was one of the easily loveable personalities on TV who made the sing-song game show a treat to watch.

  1. 2. Anu Kapoor: For some people, he may have been annoying, but his jovial caricature brought a different energy altogether to the sets of his Antakshari.
  2. Sonu Nigam: Host of the Indian musical reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, he was by far the most adorable person to watch as he broke into song between performances. If you don’t believe me, here’s a little sneak peek that will make you go “awwww…”

4. Mini Mathur: The friendly face on the sets of Indian Idol was a refreshing change for a lot of Television show hosts.

5. Mandira Bedi: She started off as a host for the musical reality show Fame Gurukul and then went on to become one of the most iconic female hosts for ICC Champions Trophy and Indian Premiere League (IPL).

6. Hussain Kuwajerwala: From his smile to his boyish charm, Hussain was one treat to watch on the Television with his various stints with Indian Idol, Kisme Kitna Hai Dum, Kuch Kar Dikhana Hai among other shows.

7. Derek O’Brien: Perhaps the smartest TV anchor our country has seen till date, he hosted the Bournvita Quiz Contest and won us over with the sheer size of his knowledge and intellect.

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So, which of these TV show anchors would you want to see again on the TV set?

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