Sonam Kapoor's Wedding Has Triggered Trolls Because That's The New Normal

Actress Sonam Kapoor tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Anand Ahuja in Mumbai today. While most people are sharing pictures and wishing the couple a happy married life, there are a bunch of trolls who’ve decided to prove why free wifi is a curse.

These trolls are calling Sonam ‘anti-national’ for speaking up against the Kathua rape case and are asking people to ‘Boycott the wedding.’ They say Sonam and her Veere Di Wedding co stars showed selective outrage and were trying to defame Hindus. For speaking up against rape. This particular tweet shows how deranged most of these trolls really are:

If the anti-national angle wasn’t enough, people started attacking her for getting married just a few months after Sridevi’s demise:

Honestly though, who are you to even have an opinion about her wedding. The family has already been through a pretty tough time dealing with Sridevi’s  untimely demise, must they also deal with your constant nitpicking and negativity? Why not let the couple in question decide when they want to get hitched? Who told you it’s okay for you, who have never known the actress in person, to decide how soon is too soon?

While we can’t hope that these trolls will grow up, let’s just hope someone cuts their WiFi lines?