Someone just designed a pair of faux muddy jeans and Twitter, obviously, finds it ridiculous

Whatever made you think a pair of jeans are the most non controversial stuff you could wear.

What would your answer be if someone were to ask you: what’s your take on wearing a pair of muddy jeans? Or, maybe a pair of mom jeans that have plastic windows over your knees, you know just so that they do not feel claustrophobic. If you fancy either of these garments, Nordstrom’s got your back.

If not, we feel you. This website seems to have found a way to turn something as comfy and regular wear as denim into a matter of debate. Nordstrom is an American chain of luxury departmental stores, and have come up with the bizzarest of jeans design of all time. Priced at $425 sans tax, the product promises to make you look like a person who is “not afraid to get down and dirty”. Let’s say you were to buy it, you know just in case, it’ be interesting to know how you’ll explain this ridiculous fashion trend to your mother who might make it her mission to get your clothes clean.

On the brighter side, you and us are not the only ones finding this absolutely stupid. There’s a whole bunch of Twitterati who agree with us. But, Reebok took the cake.

Got any such bizzare fashion ideas? You know who to drop a mail to now.