Someone Invented A 'Tracker' Jacket Cos Y'all Keep Losing Your Phones

This is for the scatterbrained among us

Have you earned yourself a reputation for being a scatterbrain who keeps losing their things way too often? Google and Levi’s Commuter X Jacquard smart jacket has gotten smarter with its new “Always Together” mode that’s been designed to prevent users from losing or forgetting their jacket or smartphones somewhere.

“The alerts work both ways – you’ll get a notification on your phone, and the jacket’s tag will start illuminating and vibrating – so it’s just as useful for remembering a forgotten phone as a forgotten jacket,” Android Police reported.

Once the alert is triggered, both the phone and the jacket gets a notification. While the phone gets a notification as soon as the distance between the jacket and the phone increases beyond a point. The sleeve tag in the jacket will also blink and vibrate as soon as it gets a notification.

Commuter X Jacquard was launched in September last year after being developed for over two years. Project Jacquard is part of Google’s Advanced Technology Projects (ATAP) group.