Zomato's latest dig at the Nirav Modi-PNB scam leaves Twitter stunned

While people around the country are shocked at the whole Nirav Modi-PNB fraud, Zomato seems to be having a gala time poking fun at the matter.

Yes, the brand that came under fire for their ‘bold’ MC and BC outdoor ad a few months ago has now come up with a rather a punny take on what has unfolded to be one of the the biggest scams that we’ve witnessed in recent history.

Taking a dig at PNB, they released a creative with the words “PNB” written on it—  paranthas n’ butter. And then they slyly go on to talk about having a ‘cheat day’ with ‘PNB’. Pretty clever word play, right? Twitter seems to agree as most people lauded the advertising team and many were quick to compare them with the king of witty, topical advertising- Amul.

Check out what they tweeted:

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Making hay while the sun shines, amirite?