Zaheer Khan gets engaged to Sagarika Ghatge. Twitter waits for angry 'Love Jihad' protestors

Zaheer Khan gets engaged with actress Sagarika Ghatge, Twitter is waiting for 'Love Jihad' protestors to come out.

After cricketer Zaheer Khan announced his engagement with Chak De India actress Sagarika Ghatge, social media was flooded with messages congratulating the couple. Cricketer Anil Kumble was so excited that he even forgot to tag the right Sagarika, tagging journalist Sagarika Ghosh instead. But, recently the Twitter is anticipating that right-wingers would soon start talking about Love Jihad and have already started floating the hashtag  to mock it.

Since morning, Twitter has been anxiously waiting for hardcore right-wingers to object to the match and start protesting it in the name of  love jihad. Because even in 2017, a Muslim guy marrying a Hindu girl is news. People are taking a dig at these so-called defenders of the Hindu religion who seek to spread just hate in the name of religion. Some tweets are absolutely hilarious, imagining the extent to which these self-proclaimed ‘nationalists’ would go on to boycott Delhi Daredevils’ matches.
Read some of the tweets:

This Anupam Kher troll even forgot to spell ‘Bhakts’ correctly, but then his tweet is way too amusing:

This one goes a little too far, but is the best. LOL: