YouTube Trending is the biggest unsolved mystery of all time. Here's proof

Will someone please write to YouTube and ask them to tell us what is even going on here?

If you are frequent enough on YouTube, which as a millenial you most probably would be, you would have come across the Trending tab on their home page. Have you yet been curious enough to click on it and see what makes the video-sharing website deem some videos worthy of a special section dedicated to them? If you haven’t then you seem to have missed on a lot of absolutely mind-boggling videos that could make you question almost everything on this planet.

All our love for YouTube aside, you must know it works on an algorithm and picks up videos on the basis of their popularity before putting it into the Trending section. Human beings create algorithms. Algorithms can barely be blamed ever, hence. Humanity too has been known to share a fair amount of downright pointless stuff but YouTube’s Trending is simply next-level and believe us when we say it they are their own competition. One look at the videos in this section and any sane person would be at their wit’s end trying to figure out what just hit them and why.

The good Lord above would not be able to solve the mystery that the YouTube Trending presents. Do not believe us? Wait till we give you a list of the absolutely out of this world, quite literally, stuff that has been Trending on YouTube in the past few days.

Number 3 in the list of Trending videos on YouTube this one looks like it was made by a bunch of people who would give just about anything for their three minutes of fame. Uploaded by a channel that goes by the name of ‘Dehati Maza’, the video description has almost nothing to do with the video and the video has nothing to do with anything. So yes, you see where this is going!

Number 4 cares a lot for people watching porn on their phones and no it’s not a moral science lecture. On the upside, it has bad audio and tells you to beware if you are one of those who watch ‘gandi filmein’ on your phone.

Then there’s this one which claims to have caught on camera a snake with seven heads. Science fiction, did you think? Nope. Just some dope we guess.

Snakes seem to rule the scene and we are wondering if that same seven-headed snake has been stalking this girl. Well, we have Naagin on national television so why can’t a snake stalking a girl be on YouTube’s Trending right? Point to be noted: they somehow know the same snake bit this girl 34 times and she is alive because you know poison is just a thing of the past.
P.S: It has over 3 lakh views!

It’s India so how could such a listicle ever get completed without a feature on fair skin or how to attain it or how to just peel your dark skin off. Ever thought you could go off to sleep dark-skinned and wake up white as a dove? Never? Before you dismiss the idea, watch this. Pretty, please?

Mind=blown, no? Or are you considering blowing up your laptop now? We here are just questioning our existence.