You'll never guess why this Mumbai food vendor loves doing household chores

'Humans of Bombay' shared the story of a fast food vendor who not only supports his family financially but does household work to spend time with his wife.

Sharing the load of a family is never easy. Mostly because it comes with the debate of who gets to take the larger share of household work. Usually, men take up jobs to support families financially, they argue that the major portion of the household work should fall upon the women in the family.

Now, that women have started stepping out of their homes to chase their dream careers and pitch in financially, one would assume that the household work would also be shared. But, men today are having a hard time ditching the conventional arrangement of women dealing with chores around the house.

Thankfully, some decent men exist who don’t take women for granted. Popular Facebook page ‘Humans of Bombay’ shared the story of a fast food vendor who not only supports his family financially but also cooks at home for his children and also helps around the house. What is even sweeter is that he does it only to spend more time with his wife.

I stand here from about 4 in the evening until 10 at night. Before that, I cook food for my children and help my wife with the household work — she appreciates the help, but I actually do it to spend time with her!

Now that’s a real man. Every person should take a lesson from him. The Facebook post has already gone viral with people praising this man’s spirit. One user commented, “All these things, helping with the children and chores, and spending time with her, they are what will bring you BARQAT! You’ll not stand here for long, but have a proper place and a thriving business soon! In Sha Allah! Ameen!”

Here’s the full post from Humans of Bombay: