'Yo Aurangzeb So Noble' could hands-down be the most hilarious trend on Twitter in a long while

A review of Audrey Truschke's book on Aurangzeb gave birth to this hilarious trend and now we all know how much Twitter loves the Mughal ruler.

Twitter is one source of sarcasm, entertainment and wit you can count on at any given point in time. So, author and scholar Audrey Truschke wrote a book on Aurangzeb, which was fine until she put it on Twitter and a few reviews appeared urging people to go read it. Soon after all the sarcasm available on the face of this Earth was unleashed onto the Mughal ruler we all love to hate.

Reviews urged people to go read the book and not see Aurangzeb in such a bad light. A review in Huffington Post India titled ‘Why Aurangzeb’s Reputation As A Tyrant And Bigot Doesn’t Stand The Test Of History’, caught the attention of those on Twitter and gave birth to #YoAurangzebSoNoble. Yes, that’s how lit Twitter always is and as you can imagine the hashtag invited hilarious tweets and memes that were all over the Internet in no time. People have been making jokes for more than a day now and trust us when we say it, this trend deserves your attention.

Yo Aurangzeb does not even know what just happened. Go Twitter!