Worried about roadside Romeos on Valentine's Day? These boys have a hilarious solution

A LOL-worthy video is going viral on Twitter where two young men are dropping some majorly helpful advice for Valentine's Day!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, all of us witness the emergence of clichéd ‘will you be my Valentine’ proposals. While most proposals are sweet and have happy endings, not all of them have the same fate. So what do you do if you get asked out by someone you have no interest in, and upon refusal, the guy doesn’t really give up but just keeps pestering you? These boys have the answer!

A hilarious video is going viral on Twitter where a young man is talking about how accepting proposals on Valentine’s day is a girl’s call. He goes on to say that if a guy is being creepy and stalker-ish after a girl rejects him, then the girl shouldn’t shy away from beating him up with her shoes.

At this point most people would think this is a PSA. Or just 2 guys trying to look out for the girls out there, but that’s where we’re all wrong!

Watch the hilarious video to find out what happens after that:

Yes, his pal behind him speaks up to say ‘And if you want shoes, you should contact us’ and innocently narrates out the complete address of their shoe shop! As if all this wasn’t hilarious enough, they go on to list out all the types of shoes available for the women to ‘fend off’ the stalkers!

We don’t know if this was a parody or an actual ad, but this was pretty extra- and we’re loving it!