Women across the world are ditching men for Sologamy, here's why we have mixed feelings about this trend

What is Sologamy? The new wedding trend that has people defying conventional marriage by marrying themselves and all that you need to know about it.

American feminist Gloria Steinem most popular quote “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” has some women across the globe taking the sentiment to heart as they endorse sologamy. Sologamy is the bizarre trend where people marry themselves and it is getting quite popular. This growing relationship trend doesn’t require you to find the right person. Sologamy or self-marriage is an antidote to the whole manhunt for the perfect partner and instead professes that a person should tie the knot with themselves, because, hey, we don’t need anybody!

All you have to do is say ‘I do’ to yourself and promise to love, honour and cherish… yourself.  As incredulous as it may sound, Erika Anderson, 37, was just like any other bride. She wore a white dress, had the bouquet and the whole wedding ball rolling except for one twist. There was no groom waiting for her at the altar. Anderson went on to record to admit that she had grown tired of people asking her why she was still single and hence she chose to marry herself in front of friends and family.

While this trend has set the internet abuzz with videos of women marrying themselves going viral, the idea in itself was first introduced when a woman named Linda Baker decided to marry herself in the US back in 1993 as a celebration of her 40th birthday. The concept was then induced into popular culture when an episode of Sex in the City first mentioned it where Sarah Jessica Parker announces that she is going to marry herself as a celebration of being single and childless in this world that expects otherwise.

A typical Sologamy ceremony can have the lavish wedding nuptials or can be a quiet commitment to yourself. No more arguments over what the in-laws want or disagreements over the honeymoon destination, this is one hassle-free solution for all those people who are wary of bearing the cross of society’s pressure. It isn’t quite as narcissistic as it may sound and nor is it limited by gender. Sologamists can be both men and women. An added incentive is that you do not need to change your name after the wedding rituals are complete.

Cerca Travel, a Japanese travel agency, has gone one step further by creating a package for single women who wish to marry themselves. This package can be availed for a minimal amount of £2,500 and Cerca Travel takes care of the entire rigamarole of the big event. Interestingly the agency’s aim behind creating this package was to encourage women to have positive feelings about themselves. Websites like marryme.com offer self-marriage kits for $200.

The anti-men parade has gone on to the extent that women are extensively making use of this trend, save for a lone example of Kevin Nadal, a Filipino-American gay performance artist who married himself in 2005. Debunking the institution of marriage, taking solo trips post their wedding and calling it their honeymoon is ironically a prodigy of the very same bandwagon they wished to deboard. Women have been utilising self-marriage to make a bold personal statement that breaks away from the shackles of this very norm of the society. While some may see this as an attack on traditional and conservative values by the leftists who weren’t satisfied by merely boycotting the idea of marriage, Sologamy has been supported by its very eager accomplices in the media. Twitterati, on the other hand, is torn between the right and wrong of Sologamy.

However, in the eyes of the law, self-marriage is not a legally binding union nor does the law accept it as a marital status.