Woman posts photo of 'the worst passenger ever', and it will gross you out

Having a full row to yourself is a traveller's paradise, but not for this woman who experienced her worst nightmare on the airline.

Imagine entering a flight with a whole row to yourself, a traveller’s delight, isn’t it? Well, apparently not for Jessie Char, who on the contrary, witnessed the worst kind of seatmate travelling with her. 30-year-old Jessie was travelling on a JetBlue flight from Long Beach to San Fransico on July 18, when she met the worst travelling companion ever – a pair of feet.

After boarding the flight, when Jessie figured out she would be travelling with vacant seats next two her, she took to Twitter caption the photo of a empty seats as, “My two favourite people to sit with on a plane”. She even lifted the armrests to comfortably enjoy the luxurious plane bench which was all hers. But paradise was not to be and her happiness turned out to be rather short-lived as she experienced one armrest fall down and slowly a foot emerged from the back.

“It was writhing around on one armrest and there was a significant amount of toe wiggling. And then, from the other side of the chair, another foot emerged.”, she told PEOPLE.

Now if you think this is the grossest it can get, read till the end. The pair of feet not only enjoyed resting on the airline’s armrests, but also apparently opened and closed the window shades. #eew #butalsohow

Here’s how the series of events happened:

This gross incident was bound to go viral with people expressing their complete shock and disgust. Check out their reactions:

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