Why do people dislike Varun Dhawan's acting? Quora has the best answers

When the Internet took down Varun Dhawan's acting skills and reviewed them like they were pros

Varun Dhawan has given us commercial entertainers back to back. With his latest release Judwaa 2, Varun Dhawan has made headlines all over again. Whether it was his debut with movie Student of The Year (2012) where he was playing a star student who had everything in his life to his film to Main Tera Hero (2014) where he was vying for the attention of not one but two women. Then came Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya (2014) where he romanced Alia Bhatt without her consent. Then went on to create a sequel which was Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya (2017) where he managed to stalk his way into a relationship with Alia (much progress guys!).

He did Dilwale (2015) which was lauded for the much-awaited comeback of Shahrukh Khan-Kajol duo on the silver screen and Varun ultimately got pushed to the sidelines. Then came Dishoom (2016) which was a masala film where he attempted to do comedy and solve cases. Quora users decided to break down the performances by Junior Dhawan and analyse the reason behind his much revered acting skills with this Quora thread Why do people dislike Varun Dhawan’s acting?

One Quora user Nandini Sharma, pointed out how Varun had already prepared to be an actor, given his heritage from David Dhawan, he knew his path will be cut out for him

Varun always knew that he would be an actor, which is why he started working on his body at the age of 14

One user was slightly more gracious and forgiving towards Varun. Sonal Singh  wrote

He is good in acting but sometime he overacts a lot, specially in comedy. Actually the problem is he acts like Govinda because he has grown up by watching his movie. That is why we can’t see Varun’s actual acting. The only performance which was praiseworthy was in BADLAPUR.

YouTube Screenshot: Badlapur

Shobhit Mathur broke down the way in which Varun’s boy-next-door roles were probably just him overacting and trying to sell more hotcakes

Because he knows dance, has great body, best looks, and son of David Dhawan but unfortunately, he can’t understand the difference between acting and overacting. He has done the same kind of lover boy roles in his career except Badlapur. But, I want to clarify it was his look, his beard, which helps him to look intense and portray the role and it was Nawazuddin Siddique who stole the show completely. And, people who still have a doubt about my opinion please watch Dilwale (a good actor could never ever act pathetic like this).

YouTube Screenshot: Dilwale

And one guy, Jay Malkar, blatantly pointed out:

I guess he is genuine overactor and plus the kind of role he chose has convinced that he will be slight overpowering his acting. It seems like he is trying to be a Poster Boy, as he know that would be a sustainable thing for career then choosing substantial roles.

YouTube Screenshot: Main Tera Hero

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And this one guy, Darshan Shah, gave us the verdict

He is overconfident. And want to prove something. He is the future of our film industry. We would hope that it won’t be.

What do you think of Varun’s acting skills, especially post Judwaa 2‘s release? Tell us in the comment box below.

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