When Chetan Bhagat tried to troll the trolls and ended up inviting more even more trolls

Twitter continues to troll Chetan Bhagat after he calls staggered Indians 'fake'

The author of many best-selling books in India, Chetan Bhagat took to Twitter yesterday to express his joy at Delhi University’s decision to include Bhagat’s first book ‘Five Point Someone’ in its English Literature Popular Fiction elective. Obviously Bhagat, who has a rabid and loyal fanbase among certain sections of society, knew that this decision is likely to invite the wrath of those who have an acquired taste in literature.

Five Point Someone is going to a part of ‘Popular Fiction’ part of the syllabus from the next session beginning this July, among other books like Little Women (Louisa M Alcott), Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (JK Rowling) and Murder of Orient Express (Agatha Christie).

Good literature, that is. After some major trolling by former and upcoming DU students, and everyone else in between, Chetan responded by calling haters, ‘elitists’. Pretty obviously, that did not scare anyone into silence so he tweeted again and again, dissing everyone who had the audacity to diss him. The result?  A whole lot of more trolling, because Twitter.

Almost everybody was blazed and stupefied with the decision to add Chetan Bhagat’s name in a curriculum that teaches Shakespeare, TS Eliot and Tagore. To express their disbelief, the staggered netizens took to Twitter. An angry Chetan Bhagat tried to save his sailing boat by calling out ‘elitist’, and ‘fake’ Indians, and he invited, even more, wrath from the Twitterati:

And the best one so far…

Guess, no amount of critical theory and literature can guarantee sane decisions?