What happens when Bruno Mars' That's What I Like gets a female empowerment twist [Watch Video]

Bruno Mars' hit number That's What I Like gets turned into a mashup about women empowerment and the result is truly magical

Bruno Mars’ new song ‘That’s What I Like’ has been ruling music charts ever since its release in March 2017. The veteran hit-maker has topped the Billboard charts pushing aside other contemporaries like Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, Kendrick Lamar and others aside. With a vintage pop feel, ‘That’s What I Like’ has all the essentials required for a hit number.


In the era of viral hits and mashups, how can one not expect a different take-off of a great song such as ‘That’s What I Like’. But this is special. Uploaded on Facebook by the Global Citizen, a community which addresses and highlights world’s biggest issues, this mashup is actually an interpretation of Bruno’s song on women’s issues. Layered with amazing choreography, addictive original Bruno Mars’ beat and resonating lyrics, this song is a complete win, y’all. Before you enjoy the peppy beats, it’s time to decode the lyrics with takes the song to another level:

It addresses the issue of unequal wage:


That’s right:

Benefits of Education: 

Girl, you don’t need jewels just…

More feminists like him, please?

Say NO to child marriage:

And workplace harassment:

Yass to women healthcare:

So, would you #LeveltheLaw?


This is the best and most fun way women’s right could have been explained. It’s time to take charge, ladies! The video has garnered 158k views and people all around the world are ushering their love for the video and Global Citizens. People are commenting:

“This is the kind of man that deserves a home cooked meal! #thatswhatIlike”

“this is iconic”

“Damnnnn son!! Fire flames”

Global Citizen also started a petition along with the hashtag #LeveltheLaw. If you want to sign the petition or take a look, click here

Watch the full video here: