Watching Dhinchak Pooja's 'Dilon Ka Scooter'? Here’s an alternative list of things you can do in 1.53 mins

We all knew this would happen. We kept on tagging people in Dhinchak Pooja memes and videos. We LMAO’d at her interviews but deep down inside we dreaded this day. It’s finally here. The legendary Dhinchak Pooja has released her new song, and it’s as cringy as it gets.

The song, which shows Dhinchak Pooja rollin’ around town in a red scooter, has somewhere around 340,800 views already. Yep, no surprise there. It has been shared over 6000 times on Facebook from her page, and the tagging has already begun. Her fans, aka dhinchukians, have touted this as her best yet.

Now we don’t blame you if you’ve been an unsuspecting victim and were tagged in this video, but you have a choice. Here’s a list of literally 9 things you can do in the same time span:

Watch Nyan cat for 1:53 seconds

The kitty is a 2011 meme and isn’t even relevant anymore, but Nyan cat over Dhinchak Pooja anyday. Heck, we’d rather watch the 10-hr version of Nyan Cat than sit through a 2 min Dhinchak Pooja video.


Make Maggi

We all know it’s practically impossible to cook Maggi in 2 mins, but yeah we’d rather eat half cooked Maggi than listen to Dilon ka shooter hai mera scooter repeatedly for 2 mins.


Write a comment about how Tubelight sucked

Go on Facebook and write Tubelight is a suxx and bhai is a suxx under ever post about Tubelight. It counts as social service.


Tag someone in a bunch of memes

Imagine the number of memes you can tag your friends in with 2 minutes in your hands. The internet was invented so that you can tag people in memes. True story.


Literally just sleep. Take a nap.

Do we even need to explain this?


Try to figure out how the Snapchat Map thing works

It’ll take you at least 10 minutes to figure out how Snapchat Map works but hey you gotta start somewhere, right?


Stalk someone on Instagram

Seriously, if you’ve got 2 minutes to waste you might as well look at some out-of-your-league people and wonder how cute your imaginary wedding would be.


We’ve given you a bunch of borderline fun things you can do. If you’re still adamant about ‘Dilon ka scooter‘, watch the dardnaak video here if you must: