Watch: You just can't miss Sofia Ashraf's latest song 'I can't do sexy'. It is spot on!

Activist and rapper Sofia Ashraf has come out with a new hard-hitting song 'I can't do sexy'. Don't miss it.

From raising her voice against Hindustan Lever in ‘Kodiakanal Won’t’ to heralding a protest against appointment of Sasikala in ”Democracy is dead’, Sofia Ashraf has come a long way. In her latest song ‘I can’t do sexy’, Sofia Ashraf is hitting the right notes yet again. The song is weirdly funny due to its overall composition, Sofia’s lyrics, groovy music and the goofy performances by the actors.

 ‘I can’t do sexy’ is an answer to all those who have certain fixed standards for women. The society has certain, oops correction, many expectations from women (not that men are exempt in this patriarchal society but let’s not digress) and being ‘feminine’, ‘sexy’, lady-like’, soft-spoken’ are some of them. So, basically, women are ‘supposed’ to have long hair, shave their arms and legs, dress properly, not be loud, make round rotis, blah blah blah and the list can go on so let’s stop. In the video, Sofia, unabashedly, tells the society ‘I can’t be sexy’ and how it is not her cup of tea. Sofia has made fun of herself throughout the video and sings how funny she looks when she  wears a short dress,  a saree and putting make-up is just not her thing, but then she is absolutely okay with it and owns it with pride.
Watch the video here: