Watch: Wondering what's with the January rain? Ranbir Kapoor singing Malhar might be the reason

When Ranbir Kapoor looks like Kishore Kumar and the character sings Malhar, nothing on Earth can stop the skies from pouring.

We have all grown up listening to tales of how Tansen, the brilliant singer at Akbar’s court, could sing Malhar well enough to make the skies pour. Clearly, the folks making this video could not keep themselves from giving this age-old tale a hilarious twist, and who better to play the Tansen-inspired character than Ranbir Kapoor.

The video opens with a wedding scene that sees guests and family all decked up under their raincoats. Yes, their raincoats. Why, you ask? Because they fear the man who could start singing at any point in time and make it rain. All their precautions come tumbling down soon though. When it does eventually rain, the wedding arrangements come down and the only person happy with the whole scenario is the bride. The groom has been thrown around right from the start in their hurry to start the marriage and pretty much lets himself get wet under the rain without much of a reaction.

Ranbir Kapoor and his long hair make their hilarious entry into the video and he performs raag Malhar to make it rain. If you are already thinking why he would be so vicious to the lady and ruin her wedding with the downpour, we shall leave it to the video to tell you.

This laugh riot of an ad uploaded by Asian Paints sees Ranbir Kapoor in a new avatar and teaches us to never wear raincoats to weddings unless we want people falling off their chairs laughing. Let this ad rain over you now!