Watch: When in Australia, a hijab is enough to ensure abuses and beer bottles are hurled at you!

Hijab-clad Mehpara Khan and her friends were attacked when they stopped for some rest at Huntly.

Somehow, no matter how much we try there always are a few people who would not let go of any chance to make certain communities believe they do not belong among us. In an incident that has shocked social media, a woman is seen attacking another hijab-clad Muslim woman in New Zealand. While she hurls abuses and racist comments to her heart’s content, we are left wondering what on Earth the victim did to receive such treatment.

28-year old Mehpara Khan was on her way back from a road trip in Auckland when they decided to rest for a while in Huntly. That is where this incident took place and initially she and her friend did not realize they were being yelled at. It was only when the woman screamed racist and community-specific abuses that it struck Khan and her friends they were at the receiving end.

The attacking woman soon proceeds to flung a beer bottle at Khan while she is trying to defend herself saying that she too was born here and has every right to be around. Mehpara took to Twitter to share her ordeal and told everyone how she was still shaking from the sudden violence.

Khan kept Twitter updated with later developments in the situation.

Not all of Australia is Islamophobic though and Mehpara Khan received a lot of love from those on Twitter and equal amount of support from the police. She acknowledged all the love with equal fervour.

Twitterati erupted in support of Khan and unanimously agreed to how such behaviour is downright shameful.

It’s next to impossible to figure out what provoked this woman to such an attack on another woman who was doing nothing apart from existing. As human beings we all know how love and hope make the world go round and this incident is a great example of what comes out of letting hate grow inside of us. The fact that Khan was willing to have a dialogue with her attacker is commendable. We do hope all ended well for everyone involved in this.