Watch: Video of man's bus ride with co-passenger's smelly feet on headrest is going viral

This is a classic example of 'how to be rude and inconsiderate'.

As a traveller in a foreign country, you are expected to follow certain rules and guidelines and respect the customs of the country you are visiting. And it works the other way round as well. The natives of the country need to be considerate and respectful towards the tourists and travellers and make them feel at home. But what if the travellers refuse to be courteous and even be considerate, in first place. Something like this happened with Thai citizen, Narong Thaopanya, while he was travelling from Bangkok to Sukhothai on a bus in his own country.  A woman passenger sitting behind him decided to keep her feet up on the headrest.

Apparently, Narong Thaopanya waited for a while and then started shooting a video of the co-passenger with her feet kept on the headrest of his adjacent seat. While filming the video, he turns back and asks her to put her feet down and waves his finger signalling ‘no’. The woman may not have understood his language but she must have obviously figured out what he meant. For a second, she puts one of her feet down and then puts it up back again, much to Narong Thaopanya’s distress.
Narong, then, put up three photographs and a video of the whole incident on his Facebook page, which has by now received over 172k views and several comments, most of them criticizing the young woman for being rude.
 Here is the post that Narong Thaopanya shared:

Watch the video here: