Watch: Deadly snake hunts porcupine, ends up with more than he had bargained

Footage of a red-tailed boa constrictor squirming in pain after eating a porcupine has gone viral

Snakes are one of the deadliest creatures in this world – they are slimy, venomous, petrifying and even creepy for that matter. But when the same menacing serpent squirms in pain, it’ll definitely leave you feeling sorry for the poor creature.

A video was released showing a wild boa constrictor, one of the largest snakes in the world, squirming in pain after he attempted to hunt a porcupine and got pierced by dozens of its white quills. The footage of this impaled creature writhing in pain has received ambivalent responses from the viewers as many sympathised with the poor serpent but others enjoyed the footage as the table turned around for the unlucky boa.

The footage was reportedly filmed by a man in Brazil in a tropical climate where these wild boas usually live. These threatening creatures normally feed on smaller creatures like bats, rats, chicken ducks, lizards and birds and can take up to 5 days to digest their food.

The footage of this miserable boa was first featured by LiveLeaks and has garnered more than 2M views on YouTube. Although the reactions were mixed, but while watching the squirming boa we can all agree that karma is a b**ch.