Watch: This viral Pakistani ad will give you all the power you need to embrace truth today

Go make that long-pending confession to your parents and give truth a chance.

All of us grew up being taught how its important to speak the truth and be honest no matter how tough it is and what all we put at risk when siding with the truth. How many of us have actually been able to implement this in our lives and have never lied or hidden facts? Perhaps not many.

This advertisement which made it to viral space in Pakistan talks about the exact dilemma most of us are faced with when we need to choose between speaking the truth instead of just avoiding it. A situation all of us are too familiar with. To make our lives easier and more comfortable we often avoid making certain confessions. But what would happen if we make it easier for us in the long run by just taking a chance and making the confession? Would it not take load off our chests and make us feel better even if the reaction we garner is not always favourable? The makers of this Kinley ad are all for it.

With a tagline that goes ‘kitna chain hota hai sachaayi mei’, the ad shows how those who love us would take to our confessions kindly and even if they initially do not acceptance comes easy. Of course the ad does not quite take into consideration what would come out of a child confessing his homosexuality or her pregnancy to parents, but with promoting honesty it sure does a good job. I mean, where would we be with such major confessions if we cannot even start making the basic ones, right?

The ad does a brilliant job of kick-starting the #GiveTruthAChance campaign and re-instills our belief in the power of truth. So for all of you looking for an inspiration to finally confess the truth to someone who matters to you, look no further. This ad is sure to make you ask how awry can a confession even go after all.

More power to truth and honesty!