Watch: This video on racial stereotyping of North-east Indians is winning internet

After constantly being stereotyped by the 'mainland' Indians, a north-east Indian girl decides to take a dig at it, in this satirical video. Do watch it.

People from the north-east India have often been a target of racism and stereotypes in the ‘mainland’ (as we call it). While these people are collectively referred by the term ‘chinky’ by the north Indians; all people from the south are ‘madrasis’. Having had enough, one Miss Imsong decided to make a satirical video ‘Presumptuous chinky assumes the North Indian way’ taking a dig at how north Indians stereotype north-east Indians. The video is funny and at the same time, conveys a strong message about how racist we are and how we stereotype.

The video which was uploaded by Miss Imsong on YouTube has received around 29k views and a barrage of comments mostly praising her efforts in bringing forth the problems people from NE face in the north in such an entertaining way. She has also posted this video on her personal page for the first time and was lauded for it.

In the video, which lasts 1.40 minutes, Imsong makes fun of how all north Indians look the same. A derogatory comment, which is frequently said about the people from north-east India because of their monolid eyes. Everything that ‘chinkis’ are used to hearing is inverted and thrown right back with conviction and some carefully worded lines.

The video is hilarious and in a deliberate way, Imsong wrongly names the capital of Madhya Pradesh to put across her point how many Indians from the ‘mainland’ get confused with the capitals of the north-eastern states. Other issues that she has raised are about their eating habits—how it is assumed that everyone knows everyone, how they are told that their names are too difficult to pronounce, so on and so forth. Do not miss the video, you would definitely enjoy it.

Watch it here:

Oh! and before we forget, do Google the capitals of north-eastern states. In case you don’t know either.