Watch: This video of London Marathon runner helping exhausted competitor over the finish line is heartwarming

Mathew Rees won hearts, if not the marathon.

A video of two men crossing the finish line, arm in arm during the London Marathon is going viral for all the right reasons. Matthew Rees and David Wyeth were both participating in the London Marathon held on April 23. In an ultimate gesture of sportsmanship, Matthew Rees actually helped an exhausted David Wyeth to cross the finish line. The photograph of the two finishing the race together has become a defining picture of the London Marathon.

Just 300 metres before finish line, Matthew saw an exhausted David unable to even walk properly and stopped to help him, without thinking about finishing the marathon in lesser time. The video, posted on their Facebook page by London Marathon has garnered over 3.3 million views and Matthew Rees has become a hero.  He is rightfully being applauded for his kind and selfless gesture on social media.
In one of the interviews he gave to The Guardian, he said ‘I was trying to motivate him and keep him coherent. I just kept on saying: ‘You will finish, I won’t leave your side, we’ll get to that finish line.”
Watch the video:

Even though Matthew Rees did not win the race, he did win hearts and that’s why social media is showering him with praise. The world, definitely, needs more people like Matthew Rees.

Some comments on the Facebook page of London Marathon read: