Watch: This video breaks down human 'labels' and leaves you teary-eyed.

This beautiful social experiment on human labels will change the way you look at your social group and make you think before you stereotype people. Watch below:

Here’s a series of questions for you to answer before you watch the video:

What is your social group?
Who are the people you call ‘your people’? Is it your classmates? Is it the people living in your neighborhood? Your office colleagues?

Now rethink. What if you took all the people in your city or country and regrouped them on the basis of ‘people who enjoy jazz music’ or ‘people who had their first kiss on a candlelight dinner’?
You’re the same person. They’re the same people. What has changed now is the label attached with all of you.
Humans are multidimensional and there is no ONE way of grouping us.
You’d think “I probably don’t have anything in common with an eighteen year old sitting in Honolulu.” But guess what – both of you are die hard fans of the same actor and can probably go on for hours discussing how amazing he is.

This beautiful video proves this exact point. People from different ‘subcultures’ were brought together and then their groups were broken down. They were regrouped on the basis of other attributes and the smiles on their faces show that this social experiment taught them something no one ever could – let go of your labels and embrace humanity.

Watch the stunning video here:

The video has received over 11 million views in a matter of days and has left people stunned. Emotional comments are pouring in from around the world as people watch and realize how important it is to demolish stereotypes.

The next time you meet someone who isn’t from your ‘social group’, just go up to them and talk to them about music,movies and life. You never know – you just might find a new best friend.