WATCH: This toddler grooving to Uptown Funk is worth a million watch!

Rock baby Maddie shows her dance moves to the beats of "Uptown Funk" and it is it just enthralling to watch

Have you ever danced like nobody is watching? Ever grooved to the beats and cared less about the world? Ever so passionately focused on just dancing that everything else was a tabula rasa? We all have, and we all will till there is great music in this world. This is what music does to you. It takes you another level of your consciousness that you no longer care about external, but focus only on your inner self. This is what it did to Maddie, a toddler, who won the internet with her sassiest moves to the beats of 2014 super hit song “Uptown Funk”.

In a video uploaded by her uncle Ethan Than originally on YouTube and then on Reddit, rock baby Maddie is sitting at the back of the car and slowly grooving to the beats of “Uptown Funk”. And then, she waits almost patiently for the beat to drop, and when it does, be ready to experience some of the coolest moves by a toddler even to a point that you’d call her “rock baby god”. The video has garnered whopping 2M views on YouTube and people are loving it. Ethan’s friends on Reddit commented after watching the video, “Say hello to Ellen for me”.

Watch the video here: