Watch: This social experiment asks men if they would marry rape survivors and the answers will make your day

When asked if they would marry and accept rape survivors, these Mumbaikars' answers were very refreshing.

Even though India has a huge number of rape survivors, society is not yet very warm towards victims of this heinous crime. Our attitude of victim-blaming and victim-shaming seeps down the layers of society and ensures rape survivors are looked down upon by most. From getting rape victims married off to the accused to killing those women if they conceive and naming it ‘honour killing’, we have done it all.

The folks at Inglorious Desi decided to base a social experiment on this and asked Mumbai men if they would marry a rape survivor. Surprisingly enough, most of the men answered in the affirmative and showed no qualms about marrying their lady love in spite of such an ordeal.

The host then also asked what they would do if their families didn’t agree which saw the men shoot out some interesting answers too. The experiment took an interesting turn when these men were asked if they would accept the child that the woman might conceive out of rape.

The experiment gives us some very interesting insight into how men would respond in such a situation. Even though the skeptic inside us might be feeling even though the men say this, taking such a stand and acting it out will be tough for them, this experiment shows some are worth a chance. One of those responding comes ahead to say that while changing everyone’s mindset is a mammoth task, change begins with oneself.

Give this video a watch for some very interesting answers.