Watch: Why parody Facebook page Mr India's dig at Gau Rakshaks is making the extreme-right angry

Heard the Gau Rakshak anthem yet? If not, do watch this video.

After a spurt in instances of killing of human beings for the ‘imaginary’ safety of the ‘holy’ cows, one Mr India on Facebook has posted a video titled Gau Rakshak No 1, taking a dig at all that is happening in our country on the pretext of the protection of cows. The video which has received around 138 k views and has been shared by over 3k Facebook users hits the bull’s eye in an extremely funny and sarcastic manner. The Facebook page, Mr India, describes him as a fictional character, which is of course an intelligent move considering how tolerant we are as a country and how it is not easy to offend us.

The entire video is thoroughly entertaining, and at the same time carries a hard-hitting message of how it is mostly the unemployed youth who are joining these Gau Rakshak Dals and Senas. Also, how the lives of all other animals are insignificant and not just animals, because no one has forgotten Mohd. Akhlaq of Dadri. Recently, media reported how the tigers were forced to remain hungry, after meat (mainly, illegal cow slaughter houses) crackdown in Uttar Pradesh.
Things not to be missed in the video are the Nazi salute and mention of Patanjali salwar.
Watch the video here:

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