Watch: This parody video shades viral marriage proposals we are forced to deal with

Because, no social media, no life.

In this age of smartphones, iPhones and DSLR cameras, young millenials are going crazy over clicking that perfect selfie and making that perfect video to get more and more likes and comments. So doesn’t come as a surprise, when we open our Facebook feeds and Instagram accounts and are bombarded with those perfectly beautiful photographs that have been given an artist’s touch and have come out after the hardwork of a perfectionist’s sycophancy! A YouTuber, John B Crist, has made a video titled ‘The Millenial Marriage Proposal’ taking a dig at how people will react while proposing each other for marriage. In this case, see how this woman is more concerned about how the video is getting made rather than enjoying the moment because #relationshipgoals. LOL. The video description reads ‘The Millenial Marriage Proposal with John Crist and Megan Batoon. Because what’s the point of getting engaged if you don’t post it on Instagram?’ The video has been viewed by over 217 k people.

So, the video starts with a man and a woman taking a stroll on a hillside, when the man sits down on his knees and proposes the woman. But then what happens is, at first, hilarious and then, it gets annoying and you may just start thinking why doesn’t this poor guy just walk off. The woman is not satisfied with camera angles, the lighting, the skyline, with her double-chin, her hair and the list of things making the video not-so-perfect goes on and on. And at one point, the woman even tells the poor guy that his face doesn’t need to show in the video because, apparently, it is her moment! Wow!
Watch the video here: