Watch: This old light-hearted TVC of Nawazuddin Siddiqui reminiscing about his past is going viral again

Full points to Nawazuddin's performance and Truecaller's advertising skills.

Truecaller’s first-ever advertisement in India featuring Nawazuddin Siddiqui reminiscing about his past is going viral again. Mad over Marketing shared the advertisement on its Facebook page. Their post has received over 309 k views and several people are sharing the video. The ad shows Nawazuddin recalling his past when he juggled between rehearsing at theatre during the day and being a security guard during the night.

The advertisement is amusing in a way that Nawazuddin walks into a building and finds the security guard fast asleep. He tries to wake him up and then lets him sleep and shares his own story with the people. He shares with the audience how difficult those days were for him as he would end up getting no time for sleep, so he would often doze-off on duty. Also, while he used to be asleep, he used to get a call from an unknown number everyday. One day, in his sleep, he picked up the call only to abuse the caller and it turned out that that call was from a Bollywood director who wanted to offer him a role. Before leaving, he wakes up the security guard, only to inform him that his supervisor is coming.

The goodness of the commercial and an extremely convincing performance of Nawazuddin takes the cake. Plus, it hits the bull’s-eye as Nawazuddin reminds people that opportunity doesn’t knock twice for everyone. Truecaller, a Sweden-based mobile application, lets you identify your caller, in case, you don’t have the number saved on your contacts-list.

Watch the ad here: