Watch this hilarious summary of the pain bachelors looking for a flat go through

Every bachelor will relate to this account of Jaspreet Singh's Ghar Ki Talaash on the streets of Delhi and Gurgaon

Jaspreet Singh, better known as Jassi is a standup comedian who has relatable characteristics of every North Indian ever. In his latest comedy special, Jaspreet talks about the inadvertent “Ghar Ki Talaash” (The search for a house) which each and every bachelor faces once at least. Jaspreet’s Ghar Ki Talaash is his personal experience of searching for a place for rent on the streets of Gurgaon. For an outsider, unaware of the dangers of the streets, of the senile hunger of landlords and of the unperturbed logic that comes equipped with the stereotype attached to bachelors – house hunting can be a massive pain in the backside.

Not often does the North Indian crowd come across someone who is a) a North Indian himself and b) Talking about cities they have grown up in.

In this episode, Jaspreet speaks about the quirks of being brought up in a middle-class family, the perks of coming from a small town and finally experiencing the harsh realities of the city life in the form of unfriendly landlords or suspiciously friendly landladies. As Jaspreet weaves in the tales from his father, to his boss and finally to his landlady, he lists idiosyncrasies each of us encounter while searching for a place to stay in Delhi-NCR.








Jaspreet Singh


Jaspreet Singh


Jaspreet Singh

“There are two types of bachelors,” he says, “One who are single, who look for a corner to sit down with their laptops and earphones; and the other kind who are committed who are also looking for a corner to talk to their girlfriends.”

From busting the myths surrounded around Bachelors, Jaspreet Singh takes on to the landord’s  illogical versions of what bachelors live like. Jaspreet’s account is the most relatable thing for all bachelors out there.