Watch: This gay-themed Uber commercial from Philippines is the sweetest advertisement ever

An advertisement from the Philippines for Uber about a homosexual romance is just the positivity you need today.

Recall those days when you’re broke but you still needed to book a cab so you decide to go the Uberpool way? Mostly, it is just random co-passengers with whom you hardly share a few words. But “sometimes, it’s more than just a ride. It’s the moment you have been waiting for.” There are those rare occasions when you are pooled in with someone who is the most charming person you’ll ever meet.

In the advertisement, a passenger opts for the UberPool service and demands that he should be the first one to be dropped at his destination. The driver agrees and picks up his second passenger. It just so happens that this new entrant is an old crush of the passenger.

Deeply smitten by the love bug, he tweets out his borderline creepy emotions. “Smells amazing! I might just hug this person,” he tweets. He even requests the driver to drop him off second so he can spend more time with the love of his life.

He can’t contain his emotions so much so that even the driver picks up on it. Sadly, the time comes when he must be dropped off. The camera pans and we can finally get a glance at the crush who happens to be a man. The two share an awkwardly adorable moment as he exits the cab.

What’s more awesome is that this is based on a true story of Uber customer AJ Tabangay. Here’s his actual tweet from last year which inspired the commercial:

Watch the full advertisement here: