WATCH: This dog is so terrible at hide and seek, he'll leave you in splits

This dog couldn't find his human. What did he do next? Watch the video to find out!

Doggos have a perfect life. When they are free from strenuous work of barking, they spent their days cuddling their human, playing, chewing everything in sight and making puppy dog eyes. In short – being a complete goofball! But what would a dog do if it can’t find mommy? Well, that is a very big problem in doggoland. This video of big boy Mico who simply cannot find his human is currently going viral for obvious (cute) reasons. The fuzzy goofball searched all over the house but for the life of him couldn’t find mommy. Turns out mommy was playing hide and seek with Mico, a game which he pretty much sucks at. Yes, Mico got bamboozled!

In a video posted by UNILAD posted a few hours ago, Mico is trying really hard to find her mommy. He is searching all around, running and even looping, but turns out mommy is pretty smart. She even calls him “stupid” and that is not good for a doggo. It accepts nothing but a “good boy”. Mico’s failed attempts are hilarious even to a point that you feel bad for the poor guy.

The video has amassed a whopping 580k views with almost 14k likes so far. Viewers are loving the video and are siding with the doggo.
I feel like he’s just pretending not to find her, because he knows she’s having fun. Like you do with babies. Lol.” said a Facebook user. Another commented, “Don’t call him stupid….not nice…ur the stupid who didn’t train right on how to play hide and seek!”. 

Watch the video here:

Well, Mico if that helps, we still think you’re a very good boy!