Watch: This video of two little dogs drooling over ice-cream is the cutest thing you'll see today

The two dogs are a public figure and have a Facebook page, The Blueboys. Do not miss this adorable video of these two drooling over ice-cream.

For those who don’t know the stars of the super cute video which was uploaded by their owner, here’s a quick brief. These two Stradfordshire Bull Terriers, Darren and Phillip, have a Facebook page and an Instagram account of their own. Undoubtedly, their owner, Jennifer McLean is supremely obsessed with the two cuties, and justifiably so. She makes them wear adorable baby clothes and loves clicking their pictures while Darren and Phillip happily pose.

Popular as The Blueboys, Darren and Phillip’s latest video on their Facebook page, titled ‘The six stages of ice-cream stalking’, has become an internet sensation and is too adorable to miss. The video has received over 891 k views, 3.8 k comments and over 7 k shares. On Instagram, it has garnered 132 k views and over 700 people have commented about how they just loved the video of the two drooling over the ice-cream.

Darren and Phillip are social media stars and have around 211 k followers on Facebook and an unbelievable 285 k followers on Instagram. Their Facebook page descriptor goes like ‘The Blueboys biggest goal in life is to make people from all over the world happy when they visit this page. Our photos have a warming feeling and are designed to bring smiles to the faces of many. ‘ And, their Instagram description says ‘Just two dogs who share an iPhone and do our own instagramming. We don’t do food photos. Jk, we totally do’.
Over the years, Darren and Phillip have become so popular that their photos and videos have been shared by the Daily Mail, Unilad, Huffington Post, Bored Panda and various other popular social websites.
Here is the video we are talking about :