Watch: This Chinese girl getting into a catfight with her teacher is legit the stuff of crazies

Yes, we all have at some point hated our teachers but never have we hit them. This Chinese girl just dared to go there where no man ever has.

Okay, we know there are some teachers we absolutely despise. It’s the purest form of hatred that anyone can ever experience. We always keep imagining innovative (and unreal) ways to kill them. On a completely unrelated note, I will be spending the weekend with my therapist.

In this viral video, a Chinese girl starts an argument with her teacher. The argument turns very ugly with the teacher gesturing at the student to slap her. Now, obviously, she was being sarcastic! I mean, teachers do say stuff like, “Get out of the class”, or “Get out of my house! How did you even get in?!” but they sure as hell don’t mean it.

Anyway, this Chinese girl took her teacher quite seriously and laid a tight one on her. What was next? They engaged in a violent catfight. Other students jumped in to help break the fight but, to no avail.

Can you imagine the intensity of hatred the student must have felt? Only makes me wonder what the teacher could have done to incite such violence. Sure teachers can be grumpy or strict or downright annoying but never that much!

Regardless, it did make for quite a hilarious video. The video went viral across the internet and netizens are saying that the student absolutely got what she deserved. I guess no more will popular culture look at Asians as people with strong values and good manners. Here’s the full video for you to watch: