Watch: This 5-month-old baby is a legit social media star. Here's why

While making this video, Kent Siri, the father of this 5-month-old child must have been sure that his child would become popular.

Boston’s Kent Siri put up a video of his adorable child a few days back and the video of the child’s reaction has made the video go viral. Five-month-old Kaden throwing up her hands in the air every time Kent unswaddled her is something you cannot afford to miss. The video has been posted and re-posted several times since and the internet users are absoutely loving it.

 Apparently, over time, Siri has been noticing that his 5-month-old child’s reaction after being unwrapped was something to be captured on a video. He, then, decided to make a video of it and posted on social media. The result was ‘awwdorable’. Seeing this baby stretching up her arms and smiling at the camera is amazing.
The video has got over 221 k views on YouTube by KPtheBaby (Kent Siri’s YouTube channel) and the description goes like this ‘Kaden (5 months) starts every day like a well-rested basketball player coming off the bench…PUT ME IN, COACH!’ He clarifies that the baby is completely comfortable being swaddled and cites that ‘clinical professionals can attest, swaddling is very much a pediatrician-recommended method for soothing babies when they sleep. His Facebook post has over 12 ‘fucking’ million views and funnily reads ‘The #wakingupwithkaden SuperCut. I’m standing by for my VMA nomination.’
Some facebook comments on the video read:

Watch the video here:

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