Watch: Think depression is not a disease? Allow AIB to rid you of your ignorance

Typhoid is a disease and so is depression, so read up on it and do not demand the person suffering simply snap out of it.

Depression is a word we have all heard and hear a lot more often nowadays. But do we really know what depression is about and more importantly what it isn’t about? Unfortunately not and here is a video to tell you exactly how ridiculous our interpretation of depression is.

For starters, depression is not a phase and does not simply go away without medical help and medication. But given how the human race is very confident of what they think they know, AIB has come up with a brilliant video telling us how we would sound if we treated all other diseases like we treat a depression. Before you say depression is not a disease, we beseech you to refrain from sounding like an idiot. Depression is in fact a disease and that is exactly why the world has doctors that can help manage it.

Imagine how absolutely uneducated you would sound if you were to tell a friend who is down with typhoid that it is all in his head and he will be just fine with a bit of motivation. Or if you were to in fact point out that he or she was in the mall just two days back and hence cannot possibly be down with typhoid. That is exactly how downright ignorant you sound when you talk of depression in such a manner.

We’re no doctors but believe us when we say it that those with depression are not being lazy, and themselves cannot make sense of why they are perpetually tired irrespective of how much they sleep. In addition to starting the much-needed dialogue around mental health, AIB has not copyrighted this video unlike all others they make and request you to share it on as many platforms as you wish to. So, the next time you talk to someone with depression, remember it is smart to not sound ignorant and ridiculous.