Watch the official trailer for the 89th Academy Awards !

The Academy just launched its trailer for the 89th Academy Awards and it features all the Oscar nominated flicks. Watch it below:

Aaand it’s here – the much awaited Academy Awards trailer is here and it’s pretty unexpectedly hipster for an Oscars promo!
The 89th Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, February 26th. Days after nominations for the coveted laurels were announced earlier, The Academy has released an official trailer, a fun 60-second TV mongtage, to hype up the award ceremony and entice movie lovers to watch it with the world. The trailer showcases the nominations, host Jimmy Kimmel and short snippets of last year’s ceremony.

The minute-long trailer features clips from all of the Oscar nominated movies such as La La Land, Moonlight, Passengers and Jackie, but what caught our attention is that Deadpool, Civil War and Sausage Party clips also featured in the trailer, which is a little odd since they didn’t actually get any nominations at all!

Currently La La Land is slaying it in the Oscars for their 14-nomination sweep. Arrival, Lion, Moonlight and others are in the run for ‘Best Picture’. The likes of Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington are in the race for best actress/actor category.
Lately, it has also been reported that an Iranian actress has boycotted the Oscars because of Trump’s stance on immigration.

It was unveiled on the official Twitter account of the Academy Awards. Check it out here:

Oh, and there’s Jennifer Lawrence.

We’re super pumped to see who takes home the coveted golden statues. Who are you rooting for? Tell us