Watch: Deer me! Rider stumbles from his bike after deer appears out of nowhere

Where in the blazes did that deer come from?

The internet is a strange place. From ‘gormint’ memes to funny GIFs, from wedding sangeet montages to awkward gigantic chicken  videos – anything can go viral. More recently, it is the video of a deer leaping over a man to cross the road that has gone viral, leaving the man to stumble from his bike and lose his control.

The viral YouTube video features a group of bikers riding along the Washington DC highway for a charity ride near the outskirts of Alexandria, Virginia when a gigantic deer appears out of the blue and leaps over one of the bikers resulting in loss of balance and unexpected crash. Surprisingly, the motorcyclist managed to slam the brakes at the right time causing the deer to land safely and sail through the road. The motorcyclist, although clearly in a shock, did not face any major physical injuries after the face-off.


‘The deer appears to have just jumped over the rider, avoiding a collision. The rider was fine, his bike needed some small repairs but was able to continue on with the rest of the charity ride.”, said one of the motorcyclists recounting the whole incident.

The video was recorded during September 2015 Distinguished Gentlemans’ Ride, to support and spread awareness about prostate cancer. However, this video was posted on YouTube by Viral Videos Club recently and has over 4k views.