Watch: Passengers on train in Australia find python travelling without ticket

Well, there are unwelcomed guests everywhere. You’d probably welcome them with a fake smile and wait patiently for them to leave. But here’s another situation. Imagine yourself sitting on a train next to an unwelcomed slimy guest and I bet you cannot keep calm. Before I take you to more not-so-picturesque scary land, this is exactly what happened. Commuters on the 6.54 pm train from Kaima to Syndey were dazed when they encountered a slithering creature enjoying its journey by hanging on the edge of a luggage rack in one of the coaches.

Though the petrified passengers informed SNW TrainLink authorities as soon as possible, the python did complete his journey and was escalated at Sydney’s Central Station. In fact, the creature even got his own carriage as the passengers were asked to confiscate the carriage.

As per reports, the python was a non-venomous type and is a famous pet breed for the snake charmers or even snake enthusiasts, if there are any. The reptile was of a regular size but it did manage to freak the fellow passengers and even the authorities.

The NSW TrainLink spokesperson later issued the following tweet:

While these ‘snakey’ events are quite common in Australia and rest of the world, but sharing a space with the slimy creature on a train is sure to give you goosebumps!