WATCH: Pakistani man threatens PM Modi and Indian army, leaves Indians having a good laugh

Pakistani man threats PM Modi and Indian army, Indians ends up having a gala

Pakistani man threatens Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a video and it is leaving Indians in splits. In a video posted by Crazy India on YouTube, a Pakistani man is seen threatening the Indian army and the Prime Minister to stay away from Pakistan as they can easily handle the Indian army and apparently, chop their bodies off.  Sadly, his threats combined with funny hand gestures and erratic leg movement is only turning into a laughter riot for Indians. The man in his full anger tries to terrorise Indians by saying, “You have no idea what Pakistanis are, and the Muslim community is very strong”.

The video was posted on September 2016 but has resurfaced again and it is taking the internet by storm. It has been shared by many media platforms and people are having a good laugh. The video has so far received 48k views and viewers are gushing in with their hilarious and sarcastic comments. One user on YouTube commented, “As an Indian and on behalf on every Indian, I give you zero f**ks mate. Cry me an ocean Pakistan, cry more harder 😉 ~Jai Hind.” “Pakistani Pokemon”, said another. One physics lover came up with another theory saying,” he is trying to prove hidden low of physics : mutual inductance between leg and mouth”

Watch the video here: