Watch: NY Zoo live-streams giraffe giving birth and she is due any moment now!

Animal rights extremists asked the live-stream video to be taken down on grounds of God alone knows what though.

Just about anything would catch attention of people on the Internet these days, from a man peeling green apples to someone laying tar on the road. So, when it’s a video that involves giving birth, it sure has a lot more substance than the ones mentioned above. No not a human giving birth, but a giraffe.

Giraffes hold their calf in for fifteen months before moving into labour and giving birth and it might just be something the world has not seen very frequently. This New York zoo decided to live stream April giving birth while daddy giraffe, Oliver stood in the background supporting his partner through the birth. He stands by calmly and does the best an expectant father can when his wife is in labour. You know, if she was to kick him in pain that might really be the end of him after all!

April is a 15-year old lady and a resident of Animal Adventure Park in Harpursvile, New York. She is expected to deliver her calf anytime now and the video was being streamed live until animal rights extremist groups called for it to be taken down. We do not know though what kind of rights of animals are infringed upon if they are filmed giving birth. Here’s what the zoo managed to live-stream.

This is April’s fourth baby and the park is also expected to host a contest deciding the name of the calf after it is born. We would all have loved to see April give birth but well, maybe better luck next time.