Watch: Nana Patekar angry-dancing to The Chainsmoker's Closer is both funny and painful to watch

Nana's got moves like Jagger!

There has been a sudden surge of mashups in 2017. We’ve seen Gormint aunty croon to Sia’s Cheap Thrills. We’ve seen almost every Bollywood actor dance to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you. Not just mashups, we’ve witnessed a bunch of amazing original performances too, and they’ve never failed to impress! Wasn’t the IIT Roorkee students’ Shape of you amazing?

Mashups with Sunny Deol and Salman Khan did take the internet by storm, but we’ve finally found a mashup that is the nana of all mashups- quite literally.

Nana Patekar isn’t exactly the first person that pops up in your head when you think about dancing. Let’s be honest here, he’s not even in the top 10. However, Facebook page, Brain Humor begs to disagree.

They did a mash-up of Nana doing his quintessential sort-of-dancing-but-not-really on The Chainsmoker’s Closer and the result is absolutely hilarious. Oh and there’s Rishi Kapoor grooving alongside and chugging whisky in the background because somebody had to drink too much and turn it into an issue, right? Get it?

The video has crossed over a 100k views on Facebook and people can’t stop applauding the perfectly in-sync music video. Honestly, Nana Patekar and Rishi Kapoor’s savage chemistry makes this mashup way better than the original video. And the Rover used in this video is beyond epic. Check out the hilarious video here:

A Grammy worthy music video, ain’t it? Tell us what you think!