Watch: Mukti Mohan, Sumeet Vyas' hard hitting short film wants you to break free of society's shackles

'Born Free' - a short film featuring Sumeet Vyas and Mukti Anand is a delight to watch.

‘Born Free, Live Free’ – we have all heard this termed somewhere maybe in a movie or a book or elsewhere. It speaks to you, doesn’t it? After all, the smell of liberty is in itself intoxicating and we yearn to be free. Free from worldly affairs, the misery, heart breaks and emotional aches… free from hogging down societal ways, from working 10 hours a day, from being unvalued, and finally, free from not being truly you. Throughout our life, we are burdened by unrealistic expectations, emotional blues and taught a thin line between dreams and reality. The thought of society is so imbibed in our lives that it seems like part of ourselves and freedom seems like a false vision. We yearn and crave for it, we know we are born free in this magnificent universe and we are a part of that magnificence born to do greater things in life, yet sadly everything boils down to mediocrity.

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The short film ‘Born Free’ is a hard-hitting reminder to get up and get going for life is lived only once. It is so relatable that it’ll leave you in wonder how much it resonates your life and calls you to follow your gut. The story is about Samarth played by Sumeet Vatsa of ‘Permanent Roommates’ fame and Vanya played by Mukti Mohan. They meet on a trip to Goa and it changes their life forever. They call you out to get out of the image of the person you think you are and allow yourself to be morphed into the real amazing you.

The short film was posted on YouTube on May 19, and it is going massively viral, thanks to the great content. It has been viewed over 2M times. People are applauding their favourite actors (especially Sumit) who give another power packed performance.

Watch the video:

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