Watch: Man walks on a thin rope 1,000 feet above raging water, without safety net

This one is for the adventure seekers!

Have acrophobia, or aquaphobia? Then you might have to skip watching this.  To put it mildly, for those scared of heights and of water, this video is what nightmares are made of. Luka Irmler, a professional highliner, loves to balance himself on a rope 1000 feet above the ground. Yes, you heard that right, 1,000 feet. And there is no net waiting to catch him if he falls down.

This amazing video captures the brave high liner concentrating intensely as he seamlessly crosses from one sea cliff to the other across Cape Pillar in Tasmania.

The area of Cape Pillar in the video is part of Tasman Peninsula’s enormous coastline and is located on the eerie Desolation Island. The two cliffs, standing at a height of over 400 meters high, are separated by the scenic Pacific Ocean and many visitors have reported whale and shark sightings on the sight.

Unlike most people,  Irmler has no qualms in effortlessly walking on a thin rope to go from one cliff to the other. He lives for this stuff. The video even shows Irmler balancing himself on one leg at one point. And if all of this is not scary enough, he trembles extensively at a point which makes you feel he’s about to fall. Feeling overwhelmed yet? Wait till you watch the footage!

Check out the exhilarating video right here:

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